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Boarding – $45 Per Day

Seasonal Peak Times 2019-2020
Due to high booking demands rates are increased for the follow time periods.
– July 11th-2020 Sept 3, 2020
– Nov 27, 2019-Jan 2, 2020
Seasonal Peak Boarding cost – $48 a day
Additional Information
(The room is an open ari atrium that we keep sanitized, clean and furnished with hypoallergenic bedding)

Going on vacation? We’ll make sure your doggie feels like he’s on one as well while you’re away. Our fur friendly and well trained team will do everything we can to ensure Kazoodles feels like a home away from home to your fur baby. Whether they need overnight, weekend, holiday or extended care, your dog will spend their days enjoying supervised play with their Fur Buddies and their nights enjoying restful sleep.

We understand your doggie will rely on us for their care and comfortability. Feel free to bring their favorite bedding or non-squeak toy to make them feel more relaxed and enjoy the familiarity of home during their stay.

We also encourage you to bring your dog’s own food and treats. We’ll accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have, and won’t charge extra for feeding.

Dogs boarded with us will burn off any excess energy during doggie play. They will be tired but happy when they go to bed. They sleep in a comfy open atrium sleepover style room equipped with comfy doggie beds.

Our boarding facilities are fully equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We encourage you to bring your fur baby to our location prior for a meet and greet, so they have a chance to get used to our facility and our team.

At Kazoodles we’ll aim to exceed your doggies expectations by providing a fun, friendly environment leaving your fur baby wanting to Bark4Kazoodles every time you go away!

Overnight Dog Boarding Kennels in Dresher, Cheltenham, Hatboro & Horsham, PA

What to Consider When Choosing A Dog Boarding Kennel

For most people, their pets are part of the family. It can be difficult when going on a work trip or vacation to find a reputable dog sitting company or dog boarding kennels you can trust with your beloved pet. When you love your pet, you want to be sure you trust the person or facility when placing your dog in their care for overnight stays. Our local boarding kennels are fully equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for the best local boarding kennels in the Willow Grove, Warrington, Abington, PA, Hatboro, PA, Cheltenham, PA, Dresher, PA, Horsham, PA or Southampton, PA areas, our dog boarding facilities are for you.

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Clean Dog Boarding Kennels

You should never use a kennel for your dog overnight without visiting it first and seeing where the dogs are kept and where they will have access to. The last thing any pet owners want is to leave their dog in a kennel and they get sick or injured because of unclean and unsanitary conditions. Our local boarding kennels are clean and sanitary. We welcome you and your fur baby to check out our dog boarding kennels to get to know the space and our diligent team beforehand.

Fresh Drinking Water Available

Dog boarding facilities in the Willow Grove, Warrington, Abington, PA, Hatboro, PA, Cheltenham, PA, Dresher, PA, Horsham, PA or Southampton, PA areas should give each dog fresh drinking water. It can get warm inside of boarding kennels. Our overnight dog boarding kennel will serve fresh drinking water to your furry friends whenever they need it. We make sure that every dog has access to fresh drinking water during their entire stay.

Dog Boarding Kennels in Warrington & Southampton, PA

Outdoor Areas at Dog Boarding Kennels

All dog sitting boarding kennels will be designed and operated differently. With that in mind, you may prefer the dog boarding kennel you choose to leave your dog overnight to have certain features such as an outside access door. This can allow your beloved pet to get the exercise and freedom they want during their stay. Ideally, you want your dog to get at least an hour of playtime and bathroom breaks each day they’re at boarding kennels. We make sure that your dog burns off any excess energy during doggie play time.

Secure Dog Boarding Kennels

Our overnight dog sitting company is secure and safe for all puppies. Before you drop off your furry friends from the Willow Grove, Warrington, Abington, PA, Hatboro, PA, Cheltenham, PA, Dresher, PA, Horsham, PA or Southampton, PA areas, we want you to know that your dog will be safe and sound at our boarding facilities. Our dog boarding kennels have safety precautions in place to ensure the dogs in our care cannot run off the property.

Also, our facility near Willow Grove, Warrington, Abington, PA, Hatboro, PA, Cheltenham, PA, Dresher, PA, Horsham, PA and Southampton, PA is secure enough that intruders cannot break into the property and put your pet at risk.


When you have a dog that is not comfortable around other dogs, our dog kennel is perfect for an overnight stay. Visual barriers will help keep your dog at peace and without a way to get out. No dogs should be able to get in contact with other dogs through the enclosures overnight when not being monitored at our dog boarding facilities near Cheltenham, PA, Warrington, Dresher, PA or Southampton, PA. Each dog sleeps in an open atrium style room equipped with comfy beds.


Our dog kennels in the Warrington and Southampton, PA areas handle emergencies quickly and professionally. If you have any questions about our emergency protocol, feel free to ask!

Interaction with Other Dogs

Many types of dogs do best when kept away from other dogs. However, at our dog boarding kennels with overnight stays, we often let the dogs play together for a specified amount of time. If your dog wants to be social with the other dogs, we can make that happen. If they would prefer to be alone, we can cater to those needs, too.

Handling Different Dog Behaviors

When choosing a dog boarding facility, it’s important to know how the team handles behaviors of certain dogs. Not all dogs are calm and well-behaved. Our staff members are able to recognize the behaviors of dogs staying with us. Measures are always taken to make the dogs staying at our facility feel at ease and comfortable.

Feeding Dogs

Our staff members will feed your dog a special diet if need be. All you must do is let us know if your dog requires a special diet. We encourage you to bring your dog’s own food and treats, so they know what they’re eating while you’re away.

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