Best Dog Daycare in Abington, PA

Doggie Day Care – 1/2 Day
$22 for 1 Session
$20 for 5 Sessions

$17.75 for 20 Sessions

Doggie Day Care – Full Day 
$30 a day for 1 Session
$28 a day for 5 Sessions

$26 a day for 20 Sessions

Additional Information:
Unlimited daycare monthly amount for 1 dog is $500 and for 2 dogs is $740
Daycare Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday:  8am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Puppy Daycare Services in Dresher, Willow Grove, Horsham & Hatboro, PA

If you are a working pet parent, you know how hard it can be to leave your pal home alone for long stretches of time. Your fur baby is bored and lonely, and you can’t be there for them to keep them company or to see that they get plenty of exercise. But what can you do? You have to work! Surely there must be a better option than leaving your buddies to fend for themselves all day long.

Luckily, there is a perfect solution for your buddy if you live in or around Abington, PA, Dresher, PA, Hatboro, PA, Horsham, PA, or Willow Grove, PA, and that solution is dog daycare. Our facility offers the ultimate experience for your pet in a clean and friendly environment. We have dog care that goes far beyond what others offer, providing plenty of chances for your dog to interact with others and to get lots of play time so that they go to bed happy at the end of the day. Whether you’ve got a young dog that could benefit from the socialization opportunities of puppy daycare or an adult dog that needs some extra companionship from our dog daycare program, we’ve got you covered.

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Our dog daycare program serves Abington, PA, Dresher, PA, Hatboro, PA, Horsham, PA, and Willow Grove, PA, along with the surrounding areas, and gives your pet a chance to get out and have some fun, even when you can’t be there. When you bring your fur baby to dog daycare, you’ll find that they get plenty of attention and have tons to do, making doggy daycare an exciting experience that will help keep your friend from turning into a canine couch potato.

Abington Dog Care Center

Puppy daycare gives younger dogs the opportunity to learn from being around other dogs that are in doggy daycare. You’ll be amazed at how social your buddy is after spending some time in puppy daycare, and this sociability will continue as they get older and move on to dog daycare. It doesn’t matter where you live in the area. If you are anywhere around Abington, PA, Dresher, PA, Hatboro, PA, Horsham, PA, or Willow Grove, PA, the puppy daycare program is for you.

Trainers and other experts agree that professional dog care provides a wealth of benefits for your pet. As already mentioned, doggy daycare gives dogs a chance to socialize with other dogs and people, making it easier for them to remain calm when they’re out in public or must go to the vet or groomer. Dog care also gives your pet a chance to get plenty of exercise and to relieve boredom, making your fur baby much happier in general. Another great reason for choosing dog daycare for your pal is that it’s a great way to keep them safe. Your furry friends are under the watchful eye of professionals who can make sure they don’t injure themselves in any way, and they won’t try to break out of a yard or crate as they may if they’re left alone too much.

Another benefit that dogs in or around Abington, PA, Dresher, PA, Hatboro, PA, Horsham, PA, or Willow Grove, PA enjoy is lots and lots of fun and friendly attention from loving, caring humans that stand in for the pet parents when they can’t be there. This isn’t dog care that sticks your pet in a cage; this is an interactive and loving program that allows your fur baby to be fully engaged in playtime, as much or as little as they wish.

If this all sounds great to you but you’re afraid that you won’t be able to afford dog daycare, think again. Sessions are very affordable, plus you don’t have to bring your dog every day if you don’t want to, though you certainly can if you wish. If you’re worried about the cost, you can bring your dog just once or twice a week if you prefer, giving your puppy all the benefits of joining in with the fun at dog daycare while remaining within your budget. Feel free to ask about the options available to you for your fur baby if you live near Abington, PA, Dresher, PA, Willow Grove, PA, or anywhere else in the area. Dogs can stay longer, too, if you need to board them.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well your young pet responds to all of the awesome attention they get while they’re attending puppy daycare, but he doesn’t have to be a puppy to enjoy himself. Older pets, too, do extremely well with doggy daycare sessions. It’s sure to benefit your fur baby.

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